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Financial Independent Person(FIP) Visa

A Residence Permit for Financial Independent Persons (FIP Residence Permit) is a residence permit type applicable to third country-nationals willing to reside in Greece.


Who can apply for the FIP Visa Greece?

Non- EU citizens having adequate resources at a level of steady annual income for the coverage of their living expenses may apply for a 2- year residence permit.
Such individuals may be accompanied by members of their families to whom a personal residence permit is granted. 

Financially Independent Person (FIP) Visa

The FIP Visa applies to non-EU citizens who want to reside in Greece and have the financial means, in way of stable annual income, to cover their living expenses during their stay. The duration of the residency permit is two years and it can be renewed every two years. The permit does not allow access to the labor market but it allows for free travel within the Schengen area.

Such third-country nationals may be accompanied by their family members to whom an individual residence permit shall be issued following a relevant application, which shall expire together with the residence permit of the sponsor. The requirement of sufficient resources shall be met either by each member of the family or for all family members as a whole.

The amount of sufficient resources is set at a minimum of 2.000 € per month. In the event that the third-country national is accompanied by a member of his family, this is increased by 20% for the spouse and by 15% for each child. Proof of income is demonstrated through documents of foreign bank accounts, pension from a foreign country or proof of financial means, of legal origin, that suffice to cover their living expenses without having to provide dependent work or work independently in Greece.

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