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Digital Nomad Visa

 A digital nomad visa is for remote workers who wish to live in a foreign country for a short period of time. Usually, these visas last from one to two years. 


General Information about Digital Nomad Visa

It’s important to understand that you may not engage in economic activities for businesses or corporations within the country where you’re staying. So, digital nomad visas are perfect for freelancers with clients located in their home country, entrepreneurs with businesses established in another country, and employees employed by a company outside of the country where they hold a digital nomad visa. 


Is Greece the right place of being a Digital Nomad?

You can truly thrive and successfully live the digital nomad lifestyle in the gorgeous country of Greece. With excellent Wi-Fi connection, an affordable cost of living, and ideal weather, it’s quickly becoming a hotspot destination for digital nomads. 

The beauty of Greece is the awesome diversity of places where you can stay. You can choose to stay on one of the 6,000 Greek islands or in a metropolitan city like Athens or explore the mountains and northern part of the country in Thessaloniki. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy. 

Plus, you’ll find plenty of digital nomads set up in cafes taking advantage of free Wi-Fi and excellent Greek coffee. There are also plenty of coworking spaces scattered throughout Athens and other larger cities. 

There is a growing digital nomad community in Greece, so you’ll easily find like-minded people during your stay. Plus, the Greek people are extremely friendly and hospitable that you’ll instantly feel at home here. 

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